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"After working with various attorneys over the years, it is clear that Getter Law is the best." - J.M, Mortgage Company Owner
Welcome to Getter Law Offices

January 6, 2022 the doors will open at Gwynn, Edwards, & Getter PA!

The Gwynn & Edwards and Getter Law teams are uniting!

The combination of our two firms creates an even stronger foundation to serve all our clients. It will accelerate our processes, create more choices for our clients, and deliver industry-leading solutions for all your real estate needs.

We fully understand the importance of maintaining the quality of the service that you and your organization have thoughtfully selected. We are committed to business as usual during this integration. For now, there will be no change to how your business is served.

All of your existing points of contact will remain the same.

The current Getter Law office at 7500 Six Forks Road will be relocated 2.2 miles to the current Gwynn & Edwards first floor office at 900 Ridgefield Drive, Raleigh, 27609.

Effective January 6, 2022, please update the address for your closings, check drop offs/pick ups, and all appointments.

Please visit www.GWYNN-EDWARDS.com


Until further notice, Getter Law is operating under the following procedures:(updated 5/19/21)

Our building is undergoing extensive surface cleaning often and minimizing foot traffic as much as possible.

Only necessary parties, those who need to sign documents, will be allowed into closing.

Necessary parties does not include real estate agents and loan officers. Any agents and/or loan officers are welcome to join via telephone or other electronic communications.

We are happy to come out to you in the parking lot for closing.

You can expect your closing attorney to be wearing a mask, and we ask that you do too.


If you have been experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask you to please postpone closing.

If you have been around anyone who is experience symptoms of COVID-19, we ask you to please postpone closing.




What To Bring To Closing

Make sure you come to your closing prepared!  We've compiled a list of things to remember to bring to your closing.

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900 Ridgefield Drive #150, Raleigh, NC 27609