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Purchase FAQ

1. How do I schedule the closing to purchase my home loan(s)?

In general, your mortgage broker or real estate agent will contact our office to schedule the time for your closing. Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.  We want closing to be convenient for you, so please contact our office if the traditional office hours do not work for you. We are happy to arrange early morning, evening, or weekend closings to accommodate your schedule.

2.  As a BUYER, what should I expect at closing?

In most cases, closing takes approximately forty-five minutes of your time.  The closing attorney will review the documents that your new mortgage lender(s) require(s) you to sign.  The closing attorney is there to explain each document and answer any questions you may have including the terms or your new loan(s), your interest rate(s), etc.  You will leave the closing with a copy of all the documents you have signed so that you may review them again at your convenience.

3.  As a SELLER, what should I expect at closing?

The seller has a much more limited role at closing than the buyer.  The seller must sign the Deed, a lien waiver, a 1099 tax form, and a few other documents at closing.  The seller can arrange to sign their documents in advance of the closing or have their documents mailed or emailed to them.

4.  Can I cancel my purchase after I have signed the papers?

Probably not.  Unlike refinance transactions, you do not have three business days to rescind on your purchase paperwork.

5.  What if my mortgage broker or real estate agent told me I need to bring funds to closing?

Please bring a certified check or money order payable to "Getter Law Offices, PA".  Regardless of the amount, cash cannot be accepted.  It is also possible to wire funds into our Trust Account to be used at your closing.  Please contact our office for wiring instructions.

6.  Do I need title insurance?

Most likely, yes.  Almost all refinance transactions require title insurance.  Premiums for your title insurance are based upon the purchase price. Unlike other insurances (i.e. health, car, etc) this premium is paid at closing and then no further payment is due.

7.  Do I need a survey?

The choice is usually yours.  Most purchase transactions do not require a new survey of your property to be completed.  However, title insurance does not cover anything that would have been discovered by an updated survey.

8.  Does my spouse need to attend the closing?

Probably yes. Even if your spouse will not appear on your Deed, it is likely that they will need to attend closing.  Even if your spouse is not a borrower on your new loan(s), it is likely that they will need to attend closing.  Similarly, anyone else who will have a vested interest in the property will also need to attend closing.

9.  When do I get the proceeds from the sale of my home?

Your funds will not be available at the time you sign your documents.  Once the buyer has completed the signing and review of their documents and their lender has provided their loan funds, Getter Law Offices, PA must record the Deed and mortgage with the appropriate county Register of Deeds.  Then, your funds can either be wired into your banking account, mailed to you, or you can pick up a check at Getter Law Offices, PA.

10.  What happens after closing?

Your closing attorney will advise the buyer on when the first payment is due to your new mortgage lender(s).  The buyer will receive their original recorded Deed in the mail approximately one week after closing and a copy of their title insurance policy in the mail approximately one month after closing. The seller may also receive back interest and/or escrow refunds from the old lender(s).

11.  Does Getter Law Offices, P.A. practice other types of law?

Yes.  Please contact our office if you are interested in Getter Law Offices, PA assisting you with your other legal needs.


What To Bring To Closing

Make sure you come to your closing prepared!  We've compiled a list of things to remember to bring to your closing.

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